Our environmental policy

Our environmental work objective is not only to meet minimum regulatory requirements but to take it one step further when it is technically and economically viable with regards to the environmental benefits.

We apply a comprehensive view on the environmental impact of our services and products.

We choose environmentally friendly working methods.

We select materials that to every extent possible minimise environmental impact without deviating from technical and safety requirements.

We engage our customers and environmental authorities, organisations and local residents in our environmental work.

We continuously involve and educate all employees in our environmental efforts.

We do our utmost to keep emissions to a minimum from our production facilities.

We strive for constant improvement through continuous monitoring of our stated environmental objectives and targets.

Our top management is ultimately responsible for documenting, implementing, maintaining and communicating our environmental policy to all staff and contractors as well as making it available to the public.

Dawid Norrvi, Managing Director
David Berg, Vice President and Environmental Officer

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