Airsafe Sweden is an approved maintenance organisation in compliance with EASA Part-145 regulations through the Swedish Transport Agency.

Maintenance Organisation Part-145
 Ref SE.145.0087 [PDF, 432 KB]


Air Agency Certificate
 Ref 73AY676C [PDF, 197 KB]

United States Department of Transportation

Airsafe Sweden is an approved Cylinder Requalification Facility in compliance with the U.S. DOT Section 107.805 Title 49 CFR.

Cylinder Requalification Facility
 Ref RIN I161 [PDF, 147 kB]


Airsafe Sweden is an certified organisation by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment in compliance with official standards for environmental management, work environment and occupational health and safety management systems.

ISO 9001
Ref 4636 issue 2 [PDF, 67 KB]

ISO 14001
Ref 4636 M issue 6 [PDF, 68 KB]

ISO 45001
 Ref 4636 A issue 1 [PDF, 68 KB]

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